Rudraksha Solar System

The Rudraksha Solar System

Rudraksha Solar System
Planets represented by Rudraksha beads

This diagram shows the Solar system in the Rudraksha world. Surya or Sun being 12 mukhi this bead creates radiance, then the closest planet being Mercury for knowledge is represented by 4 mukhi. Venus is 6 mukhi. The earth or Bhumi is 18 mukhi and as we move away from the Sun the Moon or Chandra is 2 mukhi, this bead is ideal for uniting people as it represents Ardhnareshvara (Shiva and Parvati). The fiery energetic planet is 3 mukhi or Mars. The most common bead of 5 mukhi is the intellectual Jupiter.  Finally the slow moving planet Shani or Saturn is 7 mukhi. These representations are used in the Vedic Astrology and often prescribed to nullify the negative effects of those planets.

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