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Rudraksha health.

Wearing the Rudraksha is said to controls stress, mental disorders, fear, blood pressure and many other ailments. There is no doubt a general calmness of the mind is achieved through wearing them. The Indian scriptures such as Shiva Mahapuran mention that when worn, all types of sins are removed and the wearer gets purity of mind.

If one were to start a spiritual path then the Rudraksha is the ideal mala, as it can be used for the repetition of mantras as well as calming of the mind. This effect of the Rudraksha's electro magnetic properties creates a healthy body, therefore many diseases can be repeled.

These beads can be placed in water, by soaking overnight in a cup preferably made from clay, then drinking the water in the morning, on an empty stomach. It is said to control blood pressure and other heart problems.

Studies show that one's aura changes whilst wearing the Rudraksha.

To gain the full effects of the Rudraksha one needs to wear it for atleast 40 days.

Scientific evidence of Rudraksha's benefits:

The Benares Hindu university research paper gives further interesting insight: "When Rudraksha bead of rosary is held between any finger pairs in chanting mantras, the signal across it shall be bi-directional, whose instantaneous amplitude shall depend upon input signal amplitude and its interpretation by the neural network."

In the light body-brain electrical circuitry relationship, it may be indicated that the modulated signals by the receptor nerves, on reaching the brain, can in fact  modulate the brain signals, which may give rise to psycho-physiological effects. The steady state of modulated signals, reaching from the chest region to brain can in turn induce the rhythm in the electrical signals of the heart, which in consequence may result into normal functioning of the heart. Besides these, the effects of modulated signals, in turn may trigger secretion of all necessary hormones and enzymes in the body and result in steady state of health conditions. Further, the rhythmic mechanical pressure by the beads on the soft tissue of the fingers or the heart during the use of the rosary improves the peripheral circulation in the body. Because of resonance absorption , it may supplement the required energy to the body systems to maintain rhythm city of life process.

Because of the difference in output signal frequencies, rudraksha of various mukhis are suggested to produce different bio-effects. The effects of different frequencies are already well established. Frequencies 0-5hz affect the sympathetic nerves, 0-10hz affect the outstripped muscle, 10-15hz affect motor nerves, 90-110hz affect the sensory nerves and 100-150hz affect the parasympathetic nerves. Thus, various uses of the rudraksha seem to cause bio-effects mediated through the stimulatory action on the nervous system.
This study reveals that the biomedical application of rudraksha beads as described in the Shiva Puran is true to the best of scientific knowledge.  

Source  The Power of Rudraksha.

According To Raj Nighantu And Shaligram Nighantu:

“Rudraksha mala mushnancha, vataghna, kaphanashana, shirorthi, ruchiyam, bhutagrah vinashanam”

Rudraksha contains more natural vitamin ‘c’ (Amla) which increases the body power against any disease. Rudraksha is hot in nature, hence it helps in proper blood circulation, equal distribution of energy to all the parts of human body and melts out the excess quantity of cholesterol in the blood and thus keeps the heart from ailments away. It is vatagna, hence Rudraksha plays a vital role in treating chest pain and in early stage of rheumatic pains, and will not allow any further complications to grow in Rheumatic cases and also works for mental alertness and makes man feel mentally and spiritually hale and healthy. Rudraksha is also kaphanashak, hence it has curative effect on early stage of asthma, various allergies, rhinitis, obesity, unwanted over swelling, etc.

It is also having characteristics of “Shirorthi Shamanam” which means having curative qualities of head diseases which includes mainly mental diseases, eyes, nose, ears and throat ailments. It is Ruchyam, which means, it is used to cure stomach ailments especially, indigestion, gases, tastelessness of tongue, etc. Bhutagrah, Vinashanam hence cures the various bad effects of evil spirits and planetary afflictions. Thus Rudraksha has a great role on central nervous system’s regulations and normalization of physical and mental health.

In ayurvada much significance is given to planetary position, condition of stars and moon like amavasya or poornima, while treating the patients, which have definite effects on human body and the diseases. Hence it is rightly said in the above shloka that Rudraksha is Bhuta Graha Vinashak.

When one is in a highly stressful situation, various chemicals are rushing to the brain. The Rudraksha beads with its magnetic field, resting on the spinal cord have a tranquilizing effect on the brain activity and minimizing the flow of blood from the heart to the brain. The decline in the blood flow then minimizes the activity of the neurons and other neuro transmitters as they are now driving their energy from the oxygen in the blood.

Here is the general effect of each Mukhi upon health, the Rudraksha should be worn as either a necklace or bracelet, but best results are when worn covering the chest.

spinal effects from rudraksha