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SINCE 1999

Rudraksha testimonials.

Over the last decade we have had hundreds of customers worldwide providing positive feedback from wearing the Rudraksha beads. Initially we were skeptical with such reports of miraculous events that have turned the wearer’s life around. Because of the high volume of life changing stories, we believe the Rudraksha with its miraculous properties does create a positive effect to wearer, but how it works is still a mystery. Some believe the Rudraksha acts as antennae channelling the subtle energies from the cosmos, others believe it works as a shield protecting from negative energies. Whatever the theory, the fact is these beads have changed many lives for the better.

Here are some of the astounding stories from all corners of the globe:

A lady was married for 9 years without having any children, the couple travelled to several countries seeking help from doctors including trying IVF but had no luck. One day my wife had a dream of which in the dream I had given this lady something and then she became pregnant. The following day I decided to carry out the procedure of the dream and decided to give her the Ganesh gauri bead, representing infant Ganesh and mother Parvati. The bead was attached to a mala and taken to the Hindu temple where it was energized. The lady wore it daily, together with chanting the appropriate mantra. Six weeks later she was pregnant, and then happily gave birth to twins!

Customer UK

Another lady with the same problem as above and after hearing the story started to wear the Rudraksha bead. Four years later, when we met up and she was pushing a pram with twins!

Customer Australia.

One lady approached us who had a very uncomfortable workplace situation in Perth Australia and wanted to be promoted and posted elsewhere. After wearing the correct bead with faith, six months later she was promoted and sent to Darwin with a much happier situation.

Customer Australia.

Another Australian lady tried for years to find a life partner, and after wearing the correct energized bead told us twelve months later that she was getting married.

Customer Australia.

A young engineer was jobless in Perth, and within a short time wearing the mala felt positive and despite the lack of work and income felt it was only temporary, within 3 months he said he found a good job in the oil and gas industry and has remained there for several years with very good prospects for his life ahead.

Customer Australia.

One man wore the Siddha mala, this mala is suitable for those on a spiritual journey and not suited for the householder with a married life. Within 6 months he was climbing mount Kailash and on his return started to meditate morning and evenings of which previously he had no interest.

Customer Australia.

A student wore a combination of 3 beads, after several years contacted us and said he had his PHD.

Customer India.

An elderly lady often felt lethargic and tired throughout the day. Wearing the simple 5 mukhi mala for 30 days gave her a new zest of life.
A young man with a difficult job working late hours wanted a change, decided to wear the 8 mukhi representing Ganesha the obstacle remover and within a week was offered a new job with a more comfortable environment.

Customer Australia.

A young man with a difficult job working late hours wanted a change, decided to wear the 8 mukhi representing Ganesha the obstacle remover and within a week was offered a new job with a more comfortable environment.

Customer Australia.

A Rudraksha bead was placed on the deity at the temple and left for forty days. It was then attached to the wearer's mala. Within 2 weeks he was promoted at his workplace.

Customer Australia

It has been over a month, since we started wearing siddha mala. The changes reflected in terms of feeling peace, calm, and living under the eyes of shiva is clearly visible. Besides, i am feeling more spiritually inclined.

Customer France

A man lost his job and visa about to expire, asked which bead would give him good luck. Gave the bead and met two and half years later, all smiles as he had a new job and permanent residence.

Customer Australia

I started wearing trijuti noticed there is a remarkable strength in the way i conducated class, few students came to me and told me that you are the best teacher.. I was very shy till few year back, but since wearing this rudraksha, i have become effortlessly assertive and confident. Moreover, after trijuti, i can feel easily i am controlling the class.

Teacher France

Thank you for recommending the 13 mukhi for me. The "mohini effect" worked straight away, I noticed people give me far more attention than before.

Yogi USA