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SINCE 1999

Rudraksha bracelets.

Traditional way.

Lord Shiva

All our Rudraksha bracelets are put together the tradional way as mentioned in the scriptures to give maximum benefit. In the SKANDA PURAN it mentions the only additions allowed are pearls, ruby, spatikam crystals, silver, gold and vaiduryam (lapiz lazuli).

Why 108 beads?

There are many reasons why the number 108 is used, one being there are 108 Upanishads.The number 108 is used throughout the Chinese, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh and mentioned in Islam.

The distance of the moon to earth is 108 times the diameter of the moon, as well as the diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth and the distance of the sun to the earth is 108 times the diameter of the sun.

The number 108 is also devided as a bracelet would be too large to wear, usually its 36, 27, or 9 beads. In some cases due to the diameter of the item making it impractical to wear it may be to the nearst devision.

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Rudraksha wide bracelet A$25.

wide rudraksha bracelet


Very comfortable bracelet one size fits all, width is 35mm. Four rows of 5mm beads on stretchy string.

Rudraksha simple bracelet A$15

adjustable bracelet

Rudraksha beads strung using stretchy nylon, this bracelet is one size fits all.

Rudraksha adjustable bracelet A$15

adjustable bracelet

Fully adjustable Rudraksha bracelet capped with Panchadatu (five metals) which are a mixture of Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron and Zinc. The beads are approximately 7 mm.

Rudraksha Damaru and Trisula bracelet A$25

adjustable bracelet

One size fits all unique bracelet, with Lord Shiva's damaru drum and trisula. Material is white metal.

Rudraksha bracelet 10mm beads A$15

stretchy bracelet

Stretchy nylon holds this braclet together, large darkened beads.

Rudraksha with gold metallic strap A$25

coral bracelet

Very attractive bracelet with twenty four 5mm Rudraksha beads. Width is 1.5cm and length is 20cm.

Rudraksha and spatika bracelet 6mm beads in silver A$50

simple bracelet

Same bracelet as below but using alternating spatika beads. Fine links and capping.

Rudraksha and spatika bracelet 8mm beads A$25

silver bracelet

Rudraksha and Spatika bracelet approx 8mm beads on thin wire. Easily open and close with clasp.

Rudraksha bracelet in pure silver A$50

silver bracelet

Very fine bracelet with intricate links, consists of 15 beads of 5mm Rudrakshas in stirling silver. Length is 9cm when folded.

Panchadatu bracelet A$15

rudraksha spatika bracelet

Panchadatu bracelet using 8mm beads, attractive and good value.

Real Pearl and Rudraksha beads A$30

Pearl Rudraksha bracelet
java rudraksha

Five mukhi beads around 12mm and pearls of 5mm make this attractive bracelet on stretchy chord.

Two mukhi bracelet A$75

2 mukhi bracelet

Two mukhi bracelet with large 25mm beads. Counteracts the malefic effects of the moon, is said to harmonize relationships.Good value.

Tiny Rudraksha with pearl bracelet A$20

tiny bracelet

Small beads of 4mm and river pearls, slim and attractive bracelet.

Rudraksha with eka mukhi A$95

tiny bracelet

Beautiful bracelet with 7mm beads, and 4 spatika. The main bead is an eka mukhi or one mukhi representing Lord Shiva, this bead is 25mm in length.

Ganesha Rudraksha bracelet A$70

tiny bracelet

Attractive bracelet with 6mm beads and naturally formed Ganesha Rudraksha with trunk. Capping is all silver.

Two tone Rudraksha bracelet A$25

tiny bracelet

Chunky Rudraksha bracelet with 6mm beads and 20mm Nepali pancha mukhi beads.