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SINCE 1999

Rudraksha mixture.

Traditional way.

Lord Shiva

All our Rudraksha malas are put together the tradional way as mentioned in the scriptures to give maximum benefit. In the SKANDA PURAN it mentions the only additions allowed are pearls, ruby, spatikam crystals, silver, gold and vaiduryam (lapiz lazuli).

Why 108 beads?

There are many reasons why the number 108 is used, one being there are 108 Upanishads.The number 108 is used throughout the Chinese, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh and mentioned in Islam.

The distance of the moon to earth is 108 times the diameter of the moon, as well as the diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth and the distance of the sun to the earth is 108 times the diameter of the sun.

The number 108 is also devided as a mala could be too long to wear, usually in 54, 36, 27, or 9 beads. The last bead is known as the meru, or the peak and marks the end of the cycle when chanting.

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Rudraksha and real pearl A$70

pearl mala

This Navaratna (Nine precious stones) mixed with Rudraksha mala consists of fifty five beads with the following precious stones : coral + green jade + topaz + sphatik + amethyst + gomedh (hessonite) + tiger eye). After each set of 9 stones there is 1 Rudraksha bead.

Fine Spatika Lingam and Rudraksha mala only A$90

spatika mala

This Lingam Spatika (quartz) mala consists of 27 2 cm Lingam shaped Spatika beads, with 8 mm Rudrakshas in between. The Spatika is very smooth to touch. The Spathika is for clarity of the mind, the beads are always cold and therefore ideal for healing, reducing body heat.

These items complement the malas:

adjustable bracelet

Rudraksha adjstable bracelet A$15

Fully adjustable Rudraksha bracelet capped with Panchadatu (five metals) which are a mixture of Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron and Zinc. The beads are approximately 7 mm.

rudraksha bracelet

Rudraksha bracelet A$15

Blood flowing through the wrist is charged by this small mala, very comfortable to wear. Strung with stretchable nylon. Consists of approximately 36 5mm Rudrakshas beads.

silver bracelet