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Dvi mukhi 2 faced Rudraksha bead


Dvi or 2 mukhi (faced) Rudraksha

This Rudraksha bead represents Ardhnareshvara, which is the united form of Shiva and Parvati (half man half woman). Ardhnareshvara represents the inseparable male and female element, equality of man and woman, or Shiva Shakti.

This Rudraksha bead is all about union, whether its father and son, husband and wife, or distant family. Its to keep the harmony and keep the family unit together. The ideal husband and wife example being Shiva and Parvati.

This bead astrologically represents the Moon, so if one has a malefic Moon in their jyotishchartone could have mind disturbances, from sleeplessness toSchizophrenia. Afflicted Moon can also affect one’s mother’s health. This bead is considered the remedy.
There are several mantras which can be recited to evoke the bead, namely Om Shiva Shakti and Om Namah Shivaya.

The Indian two mukhis are light and yellowish in colour and are from the Bhadraksha family and are not to be worn on the body as they are considered poisonous. The best two mukhi is from Nepal, but due to the high price many prefer the Haridwar variety, these two beads are very similar in size. Many unfortunately claim to sell a Nepali two mukhi when infact it is a Haridwar variety. This boils down to finding an honest seller. The Indonesian variety is minute in comparison, measuring just 10mm in length.

This is bead can be worn by those that are single seeking a soul mate, it also said to be ideal for getting the ideal child. This bead creates peace of mind, and good also for meditation. Can be worn by pregnant ladies for painless delivery. It is also believed by placing under the pillow, will give a better sleep and remove nightmares.

Dvi mukhi is mentioned in various ancient sources such as the Shiva MahaPuran (Vidyesvara Samhita) Chapter 25 part 66 where it mentions;‘A Rudrakshawith two faces is Isa, the Lord of Devas. It bestows the fulfilment of all desires. Especially that Rudraksha quickly quells the sin of cow slaughter.In Padma Puran Chapter 57 part 40-41:‘The Rudraksha of two mouths is Vishnu, the god of gods. A man who wears a Rudraksha with two mouths, has all his secret sins, like killing a cow destroyed and then obtains heaven eternally on account of wearing a Rudraksha with two mouths.Mantramaharnava: A Rudraksha with two faces Ardhnareshvara, it removes sins of cow slaughter. Also mentioned in Nirnayasindhu, Brihajjbalopanisad, and Mahakala Samhita.

Due to the fact that the two mukhi also represents Vishnu according to the Vaishanavas, its worshipped by both sects. Shaivite and Vaishanavas.
There are claims the two mukhi cures diseases such as left eye defect, arguments in relationships, kidney and intestine as well as spiritual problems.

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