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Catur mukhi 4 faced Rudraksha bead


Catur or 4 mukhi (faced) Rudraksha

This Rudraksha bead represents Brahma the creator, ideal for students and those seeking knowledge, musicians, artists, scientists and writers also benefit. Deeper knowledge is attained in a particular subject as well as greater creative powers.

This Rudrakshais also ideal for children to help with concentration at school, also been used to improve one’s memory.
Several four mukhi beads placed in a glass of water overnight, and the water drank in the morning is said to improve memory.

This bead astrologically represents the planet Mercury, so if one has a malefic Mercury in their jyotish chart can affects one’s memory and general studying ability, also communication is affected. A badly afflicted Mercury needs a 4 mukhi bead. This bead is considered the remedy.

There are a couple mantras which can be recited to evoke the bead, namely Om Hreemnamah, Om HreemChaturvaktrasya.
Most would use the Nepali beads due to the low cost of this bead, though multiple Indonesian beads can be as effective.

Caturmukhi is mentioned in various ancient sources such as the Shiva MahaPuran (Vidyesvara Samhita) Chapter 25 part 68 where it mentions;‘Four faces is Brahma himself.It quells the sins of man slaughter. Its vision and its and its contact instantaneously bestow the achievement of four aims of life. In Padma Puran Chapter 57 part 48:‘A Rudraksha with four mouths is Brahma himself; a brahmana on whose body it remains would become adept in all branches of knowledge and the best amongst those who know the Vedas; he would know all essential principles of religion and worldly prosperity and proficient in traditional law and in the Puranas. By wearing a Rudraksha with four mouths the sin of homicide or living in houses with with many beings quickly burns. Shiva is always pleased and he would be the lord of beings. Similarly he is born as the Lord and the man is not at all afraid.’ Also mentioned in Nirnayasindhu, Rudrakshajabalopanisad, and Srimaddevibhagavat.

This bead is supposed to cure diseases such as mental disease, gall bladder, paralysis, yellow fever, and paralysis.

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