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The Guide to Rudraksha

What is meant by Rudraksha?



Rudraksha is the sacred beads worn mainly by gurus and holymen, though due to their popularity are now very common and worn by all walks of life. The word Rudraksha originates from two words: ‘Rudra’ and ‘Aksha’. The words combined mean Lord Shiva’s tears. In the shastras it claims there were originally 38 types, distinguished by the different mukhis (mukha) or faces. These are the facetson the beads, one mukhi would have one line and each section inside the bead would have a single seed. So, a twenty one mukhi would naturally have twenty one seeds and the same amount of lines. In Vedic astrology the most important beads are the mukhis 1 to 14 covering all planets. Scientifically Subash Rai has proven as mentioned in the puranas, that each mukhi has a different vibration and effect on the body.
The latin name for the plant is Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb. Within the Elaecorpus (Elaeo = olive and carpus = fruit)family there are many types though the best beads are the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb variety which have a high demand. The trees grow throughout South East Asia, mainly Java, Nepal, India, Australia, Hawaii, New Guinea and Guam. Though Java produces 80% of the world’s supply and the rest are from Nepal and India.

Are there any benefits from wearing Rudraksha?


Absolutely. It is believed that the beads help maintain good blood pressure, calming effect on the nervous system (ideal for meditation). Peace of mind and prosperity is provided to the wearer of this sacred bead. According to Ayurvedic texts the Rudraksha can be used for memory power, all brain issues, epilepsy, and blood pressure. Due to their electrical properties the beads stabilize the bio electric current in the body. One becomes fearless, mentally stable and self-confidence is boosted.Those spiritual seekers would have an easier way of reaching their goals. In fact, in several puranas such Padma puran it said the wearer is released from the cycle of life and death and reaches liberation (moksha).In Srimad Devibhagavat it says one should wear the Rudraksha without any high expectations, even without chanting mantras one gets benefits.
Rudraksha beads contain elements such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon. The beads serve as capacitors storing energy and releasing at certain times of the day. Those with anxiety, poor concentration, and stressed would benefit. Their rough surface works similar to acupressure around the neck and chest, calming nerves and acts similar to a tranquilizer.
Water from soaked Rudrakshas can make a healing drink for several ailments.
It is also believed the beads ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to wearer and serve as a protective shield.

Is the Rudraksha for anyone?




Yes, regardless of gender, caste or religion. In Shiva Purana (Vidyesvara Samhita) chapter 25 verse 47 Lord Shiva says: “People of all warnas and asramas even women and Sudras can wear Rudraksha at the bidding of Śiva. The ascetics shall wear it with the Pranava.” Brahmins and Gurus have tried to control the distribution of Rudraksha beads. Rudrakshas are a gift from Lord Shiva for the benefit of mankind.

Can meat eaters wear them?


Simply yes. As mentioned in the scriptures all people can wear regardless of faith. Hinduism and Buddhism is mainly associated with vegetarianism. There is no mentioning of one has to vegetarian to wear. However as the beads are mostly worn by Shaivites, In Shiva Purana (Vidyesvara Samhita) chapter 25 verse 43 it mentions: A devotee of Śiva shall refrain from eating meat, garlic, onion, red garlic, potherb, Slemataka, pig of rubbish and liquors. Sattvic food is always the best which are light and healthy, which increases energy and gives mental clarity providing most benefits from to the wearer.

When to wear the Rudraksha beads?




Depending on one’s faith, but ideally for the first time it needs to be worn on a Monday (Lord Shiva’s day). The Shiva temple is good place to takethe beads or mala, if one does not want to energize them. Rudraksha should NOT be worn while sleeping, or taken into the bedroom. These beads are sacred and one should not mix with one’s private life to get any benefits. Also, many malas are broken this way during sleep, getting pulled around. Many of our customers have had nightmares, and once removed have had better sleep. At night time the ideal place for the Rudraksha is to return to its master, the Shiva Lingam if available, otherwise the puja room or sacred spot in the house. In the morning after bathing, one can chant “Om namah Shivaya” before wearing. Avoid wearing when doing such activities below the waist such as bowel movements, periods etc. Also avoid funerals and visiting new born babies.

Can Rudraksha be transferred to others?


No, one’s energy field becomes impregnated into the beads. The Rudraksha beads will absorb one’s negativity either intentional thoughts or not, and one does not want to transfer this energy on to others. The Rudraksha becomes one’s shield and the benefits accumulate in time. Some say passing on from father to son is permissible after death.

What about ‘energizing’ or ‘conditioning the beads?


Lingam rudraksha


The beads are naturally blessed by Lord Shiva himself. Nature has provided the fruit for medicine and the beads for wearing. However logically the Rudrakshas have been handled by many people from the person picking the fruit, the seller, and many others. So, it must be purified if it’s going to be touching one’s flesh for some considerable time. Gangajal or water from the sacred river Ganges is the best not only symbolically as sacred water, but also scientifically being anti-bacterial. This makes it ideal as a cleansing and purifying water for the beads. Depending on one’s faith there is a simple method of energizing, the most important isthe sincereness of one’s intention during the process. The energizing is best done by the wearer or by a very close Guru who really understands the needs of the wearer. There are many methods but here is a simple easy one:

The Rudraksha unless it has been handed down by a guru, close relative of friend, must be in a new unworn condition.Second hand malas found in markets will not be suitable for purification. It must be clean undamaged without any cracks or holes.


1. Place the Rudraksha next to an image of Lord Shiva or on a Lingam.
2. Using Ganges water, which can be purchased from any Indian grocery. Sprinkle it lightly over the Rudraksha until saturated with this holy water.
3. Using Sandalwood powder, also from the Indian shop. Mix it into a paste and apply to the mala or bead.
4. Place a flower ideally white, near the Rudraksha and offer an incense.
5. Chant the Mahamrityunjaya mantra or ''Om namah Shivaya' 11 times as a minimum amount, it can be 108. Don’t let your mind wonder, focus on the Rudraksha.
6. The Rudraksha is now ready to be worn, and keep at the altar.

For each Mukhi extra mantras can be chanted check the appropriate mantras for the specific mukhi.This process can be done monthly or on auspicious days such as Maha Shivaratri.

We have many customers who have energized their beads with ghee and could no longer wear them due to ‘bad odour’ and sticky beads. We do not recommend this method. Occasionally rubbing with mustard, sandalwood or olive oil will preserve them for a lifetime. The Rudraksha beads will naturally change colour, becoming dark over time. Nothing to do with the ‘conditioning’.

How to spot fakes?




For the first time buyer it can be difficult to notice the fake beads. The counterfeit beads are usually above 10 mukhis, there is no point trying to fake a 5 mukhi as this has little value. If one searches for 21 mukhi one can see many faked beads made from several 5 mukhis glued together to form the complete bead. At the centre one can see the glue holding it together. Cutting extra lines with a sharp object is another, though easily spotted. The water test has no meaning as often fakes are weighted, coin test does not prove anything either.
Certificates are also often forged, one can easily purchase a certificate with faked xrays for the right price. There are only several trust worthy places to produce such a certificate. Best method is to get the Rudraksha from an established source.

What is the difference between your beads and other sellers?


First of all just compare our prices with other websites which includes free postage over AUD$70. What you see on the website is the item you receive; some sellers never change the image and you don’t know what bead you are going to receive. We don’t push or recommend the higher prices mukhis for the sake of profit, whatever is suitable is the one regardless of price. We have been trading for over 20 years and have had thousands of customers worldwide.


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