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Siddha mala.

Powerful mala.

Lord Shiva

The Siddha mala is powerful due to the amount of different mukhis it holds. It represents not only all the deities but also the planets including Ketu and Rahu.

Meditation mala.

There are various designs for the Siddha mala, such as even numbers of mukhis on the left and odd ones on the right, or a Ganesh after each bead. Its the ideal mala for meditation and can be kept near the feet of an image of Lord Shiva or placed around the Shiva lingam when not in use.

Energize regularly.

This mala should be energized regularly with abhisekam as described here.

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The Siddha Mala

This rudraksha mala of all mukhis from 1 to 14 and includes Gauri Shankar and Ganesha. This mala is considered to cover all everyday life obstacles such as work, family, law, anxiety. Because of the combination it becomes a very powerful mala which is mentioned in the Shiva puran and the Lord says one becomes full of Shaivatva or acquiring the status of Lord Shiva himself.

In the Padma puran, "Wearing all the mukhis makes a person like myself. Therefore O Son! one should make all efforts to wear this rudraksha" said Lord Shiva. It increases visualisation (14 mukhi) and therefore covers all mundane activities. Its the most healing of all malas.

We at Sacred Rudraksha have had numerous clients who have benefitted from wearing this mala, from stopping antidepressants to calmer and less anger.

Silver Siddha Mala Java beads A$ 320

siddha java 2
java indian

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This mala is a smaller version of the above with all Javanese beads except the one mukhi which is from India, includes the Ganesha bead, the length is 41cm (folded). This mala is very comfortable to wear.

Silver Siddha Mala Nepali beads A$ 750 (Good value)

This Siddha mala consists of all Nepali beads except the one mukhi. This mala would normally reach several thousand dollars as the 14 mukhi alone would cost more than the mala. The reason being these beads are a light weight crop, the beads are not as dense (heavy) as the usual Nepalese. Nevertheless they are the same in appearance. Length 50mm (folded). All beads are Nepali except 2 and 1 mukhis.

siddha mala nepal

siddha mala nepal closeup


silver caps

siddha mala

siddha mala

Our Siddha malas are very good value. Genuine beads and very attractive mala. Considered the Ultimate.