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The link between Heaven and Earth. The most auspicious energized bead which Lord Shiva has given for the benefit of mankind.

Om namah Shivaya.


As one removes the flesh, one can count the series of lines running across the bead, this reveals the faces or mukhis.

Om namah Shivaya.


Amazing to think these beads of vegetable matter, can affect the human neurophysiology and eventually reducing stress. Protection for the wearer, against negative energies.

Om namah Shivaya.


Just by touching the Rudraksha we are blessed, through wearing energy increases. In time we have a balanced view of the world..

Om namah Shivaya.

We only sell the REAL THING.

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We do not mix Rudraksh beads with any stones to make the mala become a piece of fashion jewellery, they can not be mixed with any gems as they loose their energy and function.

All our Rudrakshas are put together the tradional way as mentioned in the scriptures to give maximum benefit. In the SKANDA PURAN it mentions the only additions allowed are pearls, ruby, spatikam crystals, silver, gold and vaiduryam (lapiz lazuli).

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I have been wearing the 21 bead mala for a while now and I want to thank you so much again for it! The energy I have already felt before after choosing, now carries me a delicate clarity of immeasurable potential. Wonderful that I have so lovingly and patiently experienced your support, thank you for that.

Customer Germany.

I’ve received both malas. They are both amazing! So very amazing and precious, I knew when I held them that they are sacred and so very precious. Thank you so much for all of the work you put forth to make them and for consecrating them!! May you be blessed beyond knowing.

Customer USA.

Just wanted to say the quality of your malas is excellent and a pleasure to wear.

Customer USA.

The rudraksha malas are divine. I am glad to have found your website. Thank you so much for swift delivery.

Customer Australia.

Thank you very much for the beautiful sacred rudraksha mala I just received today. I absolutely love it.

Customer Australia.

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Discover the amazing benefits of these sacred Rudraksha beads and malas.

Lord Shiva crying

A gift from Lord Shiva to benefit mankind. There is no other bead as auspicious and powerful. The benefits from wearing these beads are mentioned in the Shiva Maha Puran and Padma Puran, Jabalopanishad and Skanda puran.

Lord Shiva...

A legend says Lord Shiva was meditating for many years, when one day he opened his eyes to look down on earth, at this point out of compassion several tears fell down and grew to become Rudraksha trees.


A person who wears all Rudrakshas becomes like me, So all human beings should try at all levels to wear Rudrakshas.

Rudraksha forest

The miraculous properties Rudraksh is mentioned in the ancient Indian scriptures such as Shiva mahapuran and Jabal Upanishad. The fruit is blue in colour but can be green or turn purple with age. The trees originated in South East Asia, namely Java, Borneo, Sumatra and later the seeds were planted in Nepal and other parts of India.

Benefits of Rudraksh beads

The scientific evidence is that the beads act as a capacitor, storing energy and can send out subtle electrical impulses and induce vibrations. This results in helping our nervous system, lowering blood pressure, increased concentration, and reducing stress. The Rudraksha is also a kind of shield against negative energies which may harm the body. It is also said in the scriptures that Hindu yogis wearing these experienced tremendous amount of tranquillity and inner peace which helped them meditate in focused manner.

Originally there were 108 types in the form of different faces, known as mukhis this can be counted by the series of lines across the seed, but today there are only 38 types. Each mukhi has different electrical impulses. Most Rudrakshas are five faced as in the example shown here. The rarest being the one faced symbolizing Lord Shiva himself. The Rudraksha possess mystical and divine properties and create a protection for the wearer. The smaller the Rudraksha the more auspicious. They range from 4-25mm in diameter. The larger variety are mainly produced in Nepal, whilst the Asian countries produce the smaller bead. Rudraksha is usually worn by devotees of Lord Shiva, but can be worn by anyone, regardless of race, gender or faith.


The Rudraksha, a seemingly ordinary seed, holds a profound significance in Hinduism.  These enigmatic beads, borne from the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree, transcend their physical form to embody a rich tapestry of mythology, spiritual beliefs, and potential health benefits.

Beyond religious symbolism, Rudraksha is also accorded medicinal properties in Ayurveda, India's traditional holistic medicine system.  Studies suggest potential benefits for conditions like anxiety, hypertension, and even blood sugar control.  The unique electromagnetic properties of the seeds are believed to interact with the body's energy field, promoting balance and well-being.  While scientific evidence remains inconclusive, the enduring belief in the therapeutic value of Rudraksha speaks to its multifaceted nature.

The significance of Rudraksha transcends religious and cultural boundaries.  Its growing popularity in the West reflects a search for meaning and alternative wellness practices.  The unique aesthetic of the beads, combined with their symbolic power and potential health benefits, attracts a diverse range of wearers.

The Rudraksha is a powerful symbol that bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual realms.  It embodies the essence of Hinduism, offering a tangible connection to the divine.  Whether worn for religious devotion, potential health benefits, or simply for their beauty, Rudraksha continues to captivate hearts and minds across the globe.


We have noticed there are now so many fakes on the major online seller stores, customers must be careful. These are man-made beads and have no benefits whatsover. This is a typical 21 mukhi made using denture glue, sold with fake certificates. The real 21 mukhi Nepali would usually sell for over $50K. The fakes are usually 9 mukhi upwards.



If you are looking for genuine Rudraksha beads, an alternative to the regular sellers, you have come to the right place. We don’t just try to sell the most expensive beads, but try to find the appropriate Rudraksha for the correct situation.  

Om namah Shivaya

Rudraksham blue fruit


Rudra mala beads Australia.

Rudraksha is derived from two Sanskrit words RUDRA and AKSHA, Rudra meaning Lord Shiva and Aksha meaning tears. Its Latin name being Elaeocorpus Ganitrus Roxb, Elaeocorpus means electromagnetic which gives the beads its powerful properties. Almost all our malas and pendants use silver as this is the best conductors, to transfer the electromagnetic properties between each bead and then transfer its energy to us.

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About our Company:

Welcome to Sacred Rudraksha, we are a small family business based in Perth, Australia. We have been involved with this precious bead since 1999, and have gained tremendous benefits through them. Our aim is to share and provide you with quality genuine Rudrakshas at a reasonable price, as there are many counterfeit beads or imperfect ones on the market. All our Rudrakshas are from Indonesia, India and Nepal.

Don't be fooled by Certificates..

There are many fake Rudraksha beads sold online with fake certificates. Certificates can be created by anyone, or for a fee can be worded as desired including fake xray. Our beads are mainly direct from farmers, where there is no access to certification offices. So we believe in only providing you with genuine beads and after over 20 years have supplied good quality at very competitive prices.

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However we are providing Rudraksha identification reports for all beads over AUD$250.

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