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The Java Dream

If you are interested in the Author's life journey

The Java Dream is an intimate and personal look at the unusual life of a mother and her only relative—her son—as they listen to their dreams and follow their hearts. The journey, begun by the mother, is one of no limits—a life lived in truth.

There are many obstacles in this young mother’s life—alone in the world except for her son. But this responsibility does not divert her from following her unusual path. She courageously pursues the life her heart—and her dreams—know is right.

Leaving England far behind, she takes her young son and travels to the Far East. As the mother grows to understand her higher purpose, she settles in Magelang, Java. Her spirit takes them there, but her heart makes it home. Eventually, the mother becomes ill—while the son learns to become strong. Here, he continues the path his mother started and helps her stay her course in the process.

The Java Dream


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