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Rudraksha full benefits the wearer needs to know.

Rudra being another name for Lord Shiva and aksha meaning tears. Therefore, meaning Lord Shiva’s teardrops.Therefore, meaning Lord Shiva’s teardrops, the one who replaces tears with happiness. The Rudraksha according to Vedic Astrology can nullify the bad affects of planets. The Rudraksha bead only gives positivity to the wearer, unlike gemstones which have been cut by man and can give either positive or negative effects. Its Latin name is Elaeocorpus Ganitrus Roxb. The miraculous properties of the Rudrakshas are mentioned in the ancient Indian scriptures such as Jabal Upanishad and Shiva Maha Puran.
Research has found that trees originated in South East Asia, mainly Java, Sumatra and Borneo, and the seeds were later planted in Nepal and other parts of India.

Centuries ago there were 108 types in the form of different faces known as mukhis or mukhas, which can easily be counted by the series of the lines across the bead. Today there are only 38 varieties. As a wearer it is important to find the correct mukhi as each bead has a different effect on the body. The Rudraksha bead has a calming effect on the nervous system and is claimed to maintain a normal blood pressure. Great meditation tool.

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The Rudraksha bead, commonly associated with Shiva devotees are worn by people of all faiths regardless of sex and caste and can be made into mala, tasbih or rosary. Many wear the bead for health purposes rather than religious and there are countless claims for its benefits from unblocking chakras to hypertension. One claim is that by wearing the Rudraksha the sins are removed and gives the wearer no fear of death.

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The Rudraksha bead acts as a capacitor storing energy and sending out electrical impulses and inducing vibrations resulting in lower blood pressure and increasing concentration which leads to lowering of stress. Remarkable to think a natural bead of vegetable matter can affect the human neurophysiology. The recent research by Dr. Subash Rai of the institute of Technology in Benares India has proven Vedic scriptures to be correct. He confirmed that the biomedical  application of Rudraksha beads as described in the Shiva Maha Puran to be the best of scientific knowledge.
The beads can be worn singly or in a combination and before wearing ideally needs to energized with a mantra and the first day of wearing being a Monday.
There are many tests used by traders to show their genuineness such as the copper coin rotation, this method does not prove anything as any bead with a rough surface with protrusions will rotate as it’s the force of gravity. Another method is using a pendulum or boiling in milk to supposedly make the milk last longer. Then there is the sinking in water test, which the fakes are weighted. Many gimmicks are used but the best is find a genuine seller who can show one the difference.

The fakes are often one mukhis, a mukhi round is claimed to exist at a ridiculously low price. This bead is a myth and if it did exist would be worth millions of dollars. The fakes are produced by using an ordinary 5 mukhi and erasing four of the lines. The creator of fakes love the higher mukhis and the very rare varieties such as the Trijuti, commonly made from three 5 mukhis glued together with denture glue. Or to turn a 10 mukhi into a 14 mukhi, with a sharp instrument one cuts extra lines.
If one is seriously considering purchasing expensive pieces and does not trust the seller then the only way would be to have an xray done to show the corresponding amount of seeds to mukhis. At Sacred Rudraksha we only sell genuine beads since 1999.